Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bill Bartmann Rules for Making a Sale – The Introduction

Bill Bartmann has a set of rules for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to follow when making a sales call. Here are Bill Bartmann’s suggestions for putting yourself ahead of your competition and closing more sales:

Respect time: It’s ok to arrive early but go to a nearby coffee shop if you are more than a few minutes early. If you spend 30 minutes waiting in the reception area you will appear to be one who doesn’t make good use of their time or one who has nothing better to do. You might also appear over-eager or impatient. Remember, the person you’re meeting with is on a schedule; do not assume they will be ready for you 30 minutes early.

Once you are in respect his time and only take up the amount of time that was scheduled. If the meeting is to last 10 minutes, you should be walking out the door or answering questions 10 minutes after the meeting begins. If you are answering a question, acknowledge that your 10 minutes are up and you would be happy to stay over if his time permits. You will gain his respect as being a person of integrity as you keep your word to only take 10 minutes of his time.

Respect his Business: Even if you are older, wiser and have been in the industry for many years, you do not know his individual situation or the challenges he faces. Don’t insult him by bragging about having the ultimate solution to his business success; let him decide if you have something of value to offer.

Just the Facts Please: Weather the question is brought up or not, your sales pitch should provide an answer to “How do you stack up against your competitors?” There is no need to bad-mouth competitors; however, you should know your own product as well as your competitors’ products. Describe your strengths over theirs and let him know that you are an expert in your field.

Take Notes: Jot down names, locations and facts that are important information for you to have on file. Taking notes shows respect and your ability to retain information after only being told once.

Anticipate his needs: Don’t expect him to take notes and remember everything you just said. Leave him with a clear, factual, well-organized document summarizing the benefits of your product.

According to Bill Bartmann who has over 40 years experience in business, less than 10 percent of salespeople follow any of these rules. This means that almost everyone in the sales and marketing industry could benefit from Bill Bartmann’s Billionaire Business Course, an online business education for entrepreneurs.

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  1. This sounds like practical and sound advice. It's like basic fundamental principles of having sales success. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge!